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Breaking: Leaked Videos Reveal The True Fate of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

757 flying towards a portal/wormhole, orbited by three "spheres".

New explosive evidence has emerged regarding the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 on March 8, 2014. Two leaked classified military videos allegedly show the shocking truth of what really happened to the missing Boeing 777-200ER and its 239 passengers and crew. The videos, according to self-described citizen journalist Ashton Forbes, indicate that the plane was secretly teleported by the US government to the military base in Diego Garcia using advanced technology after being intercepted by drones and orbs over the Nicobar Islands. Forbes sent a bombshell letter to Congress requesting a hearing to present this game-changing evidence that he claims definitively proves the videos' authenticity. He believes the truth about MH370 has been covered up for nearly a decade and hopes his findings will finally bring answers and closure for the victims' families. The Alleged Fateful Flight Path On March 7, 2014 at 18:40 UTC, MH370 departed Kuala Lumpur headed for Beijing as scheduled. However, shortly after takeoff, the transponder was turned off and the plane diverted towards the Indian Ocean. According to the videos and Forbes' analysis, a fire likely broke out onboard from the plane's lithium-ion batteries. This triggered the release of Halon gas which permeated the cabin. With no working transponder, the plane flew undetected into the Nicobar Islands near Indonesia. At 18:40 UTC on March 8th, the US intercepted the rogue jet utilizing advanced aerospace assets documented in two leaked videos:

  • A thermal imagery video allegedly from an MQ-1C Gray Eagle drone

  • 3D footage purportedly captured by USA-229, a top-secret spy satellite part of the Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS)

Forbes claims the coordinates visible in the satellite video pinpoint the interception occurring at the Nicobar Islands. The subsequent apparent teleportation of MH370 to Diego Garcia was achieved using exotic technology secretly possessed by the US government. Deciphering The Disturbing Videos The grainy drone footage shows bright round objects swarming around the airliner before it completely disappears in an ominous black orb. No explosion is visible - the plane seems to vanish into thin air in a fraction of a second. Meanwhile, the satellite video provides an eerie 3D infrared perspective of the encounter. The orbs dart around the jet, appearing to pulsate with energy. They exhibit motion and characteristics defying conventional physics according to experts. Forbes insists these videos which first surfaced years ago are not CGI hoaxes but rather document a clandestine reverse-engineering black project. This covert mission saved MH370 using advanced technology withheld from the public based on reversed-engineered ET craft, per accounts like aerospace engineer Bob Lazar's Area 51 claims. The apparent teleportation depicted through an engineered wormhole is indicative of secret American knowledge of UFO propulsion, spacetime manipulation, and free energy that would revolutionize society, asserts Forbes. He further suggests MH370 may have been diverted and intercepted because 20 Freescale Semiconductor employees onboard posed an intelligence threat regarding cutting-edge tech transfers to China. There is rampant speculation that covert factions hope to control and weaponize such exotic physics. Forbes believes the US government retrieved the passengers and crew and hid them away to conceal the truth. While admitting it seems farfetched, he stands by his assertions that the videos are authentic classified documentation of the United States possessing profound technological supremacy through decades of UFO reverse engineering. Implications & Fallout If proven accurate, the repercussions of Forbes' accusations would be seismic. Aside from conclusively solving the biggest aviation mystery of the 21st century, the sheer notion that elements within America's military-industrial complex have obtained and suppressed such advanced exotic technology inspires a cascade of questions and distrust:

  • What became of MH370's crew and passengers if successfully teleported? Were their memories wiped and lives reset in a vast conspiracy?

  • How long and to what extent has the US black budget world operated on this paradigm-shifting physics? What missions and secrets lie obscured from the public?

  • What unintended and existential dangers could emerge from keeping mankind chained to fossil fuels when free energy alternatives exist but remain concealed?

Forbes' letter implores Congress to hold public hearings regarding his findings and allow independent verification from physicists. However, the incentives for institutional secrecy are immense. Too many careers and trillions in defense technology budgets pivot on concealing cutting-edge research from the public. Powerful factions hope surpassing current scientific limits remains hidden in black labs and hangers guarded by elite clearances, patents, and security oaths.

For the UFO community, the leaked videos represent potential vindication. Their wildest theories now possess tangible evidential basis. These alleged glimpses into exotic back-engineering projects offer concrete proofs for what experiencers have reported for generations.

Even entertaining the notion that elements of the impossible may actually be real reflects profound possibilities. But it also conveys chilling questions about who controls such technologies, how, and why.

Seeking Definitive Answers While extraordinary if authenticated, the staggering claims surrounding these enigmatic recordings warrant skepticism.

  • How can their origins and chain of custody be established beyond reproach?

  • If authentic, who leaked these videos, why now, and what agenda may be at play?

  • Can the advanced physics displayed be scientifically proven or debunked?

  • What of the MH370 passengers' families - why is there no corroboration that they are alive with new identities and coerced into silence?

Forbes insists the answers are attainable through congressional inquiry. His findings hope to supersede compartmentalized security rules meant to bury earth-shattering truths. By championing transparency and verifying these videos via peer-reviewed science, he believes humanity can handle the knowledge that we may not be alone and the cosmos holds awe-inspiring possibilities.

At stake is nothing less than the deepest revelation in history - tangible proof of an exotic technological infrastructure running parallel to human civilization as we know it. These alleged classified leaks invite us to confront profound questions of who we really are and how we fit into a larger galactic neighborhood awaiting discovery.

There is no greater endeavor than the search for existential truths. We must pursue definitive answers, wherever they lead. The MH370 mystery persists but its resolution may lift the veil regarding secrets that could forever transform life as we know it. The truth is out there - we must resist complacency and not rest until it is found. The destination remains unknown, but the journey of discovery itself is where transcendence lies.

Call to Action Do you want answers? Help this explosive evidence reach Congress and scientific review by spreading awareness now using the hashtags below: #MH370x #MH370 #congresshearings #declassifyMH370 #endtruthsuppression Only by speaking up as citizens can we transcend institutional inertia and expose the facts. Contact your representatives and demand transparency. The truth about MH370 could lead to revelations that reshape human destiny. But the window of opportunity is limited - we must act today to solve this mystery and unleash transcendent hidden truths. You have a voice - help reveal the concealed future of our species.

See the MH370x channel on Truthtide•TV, we've got all of Ashton Forbes' media from his channel, and from podcast appearances, and we will continue to follow the story as it develops. Stay tuned to Truthtide•TV

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