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Experience TruthTide·TV on the web with Our Premium Subscription

Truthtide is born from the ashes of Burrow. Burrow is dead. Long live Burrow.

This has always been a passion project, to bring you the truth in the face of big tech censorship. But it costs me and my wife a fortune to bring you this channel, and we need your support to keep it on the air.

Your membership is a pledge to keep the Roku channel on the air and you are paying it forward for others. As a member, your benefits includes access to the community forums, and access to all our media over the web to all of your devices.

We've structured it into membership tiers so you can pay what you can afford. If we don't have ≈5% of our audience paying for the channel, we can't afford to keep it on the air. Help keep truth alive, become a member today.

• Access to 3,000+ curated titles
Ad-free streaming
• Stream on desktop, tablet and mobile devices

  • Basic Tide

    Every month
    Supporter of the Roku channel
    • Monthly newsletter with channel updates & content highlights
    • Access to our private member site
    • Community Forum access
    • Comment on Media
  • Community Member

    Every month
    All the new/top curated content + community interaction
    • All benefits of Basic
    • Access to all content on the Roku channel
    • 10% discount on merch
  • Living Room Leader

    Every month
    Best for leaders desiring early access and influence.
    • All benefits of lower plans
    • Full access to our entire content library
    • Participate in content influence surveys

We offer all of the media on the channel available on Roku, for free, full stop.

It costs a small fortune to run the channel, and we currently lose money every month bringing you the truth - as it is our mission to red pill the world.

We ask our members that can afford to, to support our channel. In return, we provide all of the same media available over the web so you may watch on all of your devices.

The Roku channel is not connected to your membership. You do not need to log in on Roku. Your membership is for the web site itself.



Are you on Amazon or Apple TV?

TruthTide·TV is available on Roku and via the web.

How do I cancel my subscription?

​You may cancel your subscription at any time through the account settings, and you may continue to enjoy our content until the end of your billing cycle..

How does the free trial work?

If you cancel at any time during the trial, you will not be billed.

On which devices can I watch TruthTide·TV?

TruthTide·TV is compatible with all major devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and Roku. Simply log in to your account on any device.

Alex R., CA

Burrow.TV has opened my eyes to so many things I was unaware of. The content is curated with such dedication and care; it's my go-to for truth-seeking

Maria S., TX

Navigating the vast landscape of alternative media can be daunting. But with Burrow.TV, everything is organized and accessible. It's a game-changer.

Jackson B, NY

The Great Awakening isn't just a phrase; it's a journey. And Burrow.TV has been my trusted companion throughout. Thank you for the enlightenment.
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