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All ad packages run 30 consecutive days

CPM $18

Impressions 10,000

<=30 sec   $180

30-45 sec  $225

45-60 sec  $270

CPM $20

Impressions 5,000

<=30 sec   $100

30-45 sec  $125

45-60 sec  $150

CPM $14

Impressions 50K

<=30 sec   $700

30-45 sec  $875

45-60 sec  $1,050

CPM $16

Impressions 25K

<=30 sec   $625

30-45 sec  $780

45-60 sec  $935

CPM $10

Impressions 100K

<=30 sec   $1,000

30-45 sec  $1,250

45-60 sec  $1,500

CPM $12

Impressions 75K

<=30 sec   $900

30-45 sec  $1,125

45-60 sec  $1,350

Advertise With Us

Unlock the potential of true engagement by advertising with Step into a world where your message is not just seen but sought after by a dedicated audience of truth-seekers.

Why Choose

Reach the Heart of America: With 96% of our viewers based in the United States, your ad will resonate with the pulse of the American spirit. speaks to a community that values patriotism and is actively seeking out untold stories and unvarnished truths.

Unskippable Video Ads: Capture undivided attention with unskippable ads. Boasting a remarkable 97% fill rate, your message becomes an integral part of the viewer's experience.

Tailored Ad Duration: Choose from our Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum ad packages, each offering tiered pricing to accommodate your campaign needs. From concise messages to comprehensive stories, select an ad duration that fits your narrative.

A Market of Truth-Seekers: Join us in our mission to enlighten and empower. Our viewers are not passive consumers; they are active participants in a dialogue about what matters. They're discerning, engaged, and ready to act on the information they trust.

Beyond Borders: While firmly rooted in the US,’s reach extends into Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Germany, offering your brand international exposure to like-minded individuals.


At, we're not just sharing content; we're building a community. A community that prefers the untold story, the deeper analysis, and the voices that are often silenced elsewhere. Advertise with us and become a part of the narrative that shapes our world.

Technical Specs
: Your ad must be MP4 video at 720P, 1080P or 4K resolution. We will test and perform any necessary conversions for compatibility with Roku. 2 channel stereo, or 5.1 audio is supported (approximately 30% of Roku devices are connected to a 5.1 system - something to consider to get more attention on your message).

Advertising contracts run for 30 consecutive days from the start date. An e-mail summary of views is provided weekly by our ad provider

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