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Help Keep the Light of TruthTide Shining

Dear Loyal Viewers and Supporters,

TruthTide is more than a channel; it's a beacon for truth. Unexpected events have challenged our primary funding, threatening our mission.

We Need Your Strength Now More Than Ever

Your support ensures we continue enlightening minds. Stand with us, not just for a channel, but for a community of truth-seekers.

Discover our Revitalized Member Portal

We've reimagined the TruthTide experience. We've expanded our library and have a treasure trove of content across 120 diverse categories. With our blog and dedicated team, experience the next phase of TruthTide.

Heatmap of the world showing distribution of users across north america, australia, UK and Germany mostly.

Why Your Donation Matters

Truthtide TV is a member supported channel. We run this channel to bring truth to the world, but it's an expensive proposition to run a Roku channel. We need approximately 5% of our viewers to pay for the channel, or we can't afford to keep it on the air. Unlike PBS, we don't have Federal (or any other source of) funding. If you are reading this message, you are the resistance, and you have the choice to keep Truthtide on the air.

All-Device Access

Burrow.TV on all your devices

Exclusive Content

Additional content not on our Roku channel

Early Access

Access new content before it's published on Roku

Engaging Reads

Articles adapted from media on our site

Join the Conversation

Interact on our members forum.

Member Benefits

Together, We Can Triumph

Your support amplifies our voice. Together, let's ensure TruthTide remains the enlightening platform we cherish.


Q: Where do the funds go?
A: They cover bandwidth and maintenance, ensuring TruthTide remains on the air, independent, and our quality remains top-notch.


Q: Is my payment secure?
A: Your privacy and security are paramount. With us, you're in safe hands. Your credit card details are stored securely with leading third party payment processors. At no point does your payment information pass through or reside on our servers, ensuring maximum security.


Q: Can I trust my data with TruthTide?
A: Your privacy and security are paramount. With us, you're in safe hands.

Q: How can I support TruthTide beyond financial contributions?
A: Spread the word, engage with our content, and share links to our content with ohers.


Q: What benefits do I get as a subscriber?
A: Exclusive content, early access, members-only forum, and a commitment to truth.

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