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Unlocking Christianity's Astrotheological Code

- adapted from William Cooper's Mystery Babylon radio program

Christianity's symbols and narratives have surprising parallels to ancient Mystery School teachings about the sun, stars, and zodiac. What's really behind all the virgins, twelve disciples, fishermen, and astrological ages peppered throughout the Bible?

Square image capturing a celestial scene where the sun moves majestically through the twelve zodiac constellations

The host contends that Christianity's core tenets spring from older Mystery School astrotheology about the cyclical life and death of the sun, interpreted as the son of God. This esoteric philosophy encoded in the Bible remains hidden knowledge to most.

The Ancient Mysteries of the Sun Ancient Mystery Schools saw the sun as a divine metaphor for the Creator's benevolence.

  • The sun triumphing over darkness symbolized cosmic order and warmth sustaining life.

  • Mythology personified the sun as gods like Egyptian Ra, Greek Helios, and Persian Mithra.

  • The sun's passage through twelve zodiac signs provided an astrological framework.

Stellar objects captivated archaic religions. The sun exemplified astrotheology's spiritual intimations about humanity's celestial origins and destinies.

Solar Deities and Solstice Rebirth Mystery traditions venerated solar deities who embodied the sun's death and renewal through seasonal cycles.

  • In December, the weakened sun's winter solstice "death" gave rise to "reborn" deities.

  • Myths described evil Set killing Osiris, then Horus's December 25 virgin birth.

  • Mithras and similar saviors returned victoriously from death after winter solstice darkness.

This mythic motif of solar gods resurrecting from death on the solstice foreshadowed Christianity's Messiah narrative.

Twelve Apostles = Twelve Zodiac Signs The Mystery Schools viewed the Bible as coded astrology, with its many references to twelve.

  • Twelve represented zodiac houses, hours of sun, months. It echoed the sun's path through twelve constellations.

  • Biblical mentions of twelve tribes, disciples, brothers seemed symbolic of zodiac signs.

Through this astrological lens, Christianity adopted Mystery School numerology and solar veneration. The Age of Pisces to Aquarius The Mystery Schools linked astrological ages to biblical End Times prophecy.

  • Jesus worshipped by fishermen and feeding multitudes with fish invoked the Age of Pisces.

  • References to the "end of the age" hinted at the precession from Pisces to Aquarius.

  • The coming Aquarian Age of enlightenment aligned with Christianity's Second Coming.

So Christianity clothed Mystery astrotheology in messianic narratives and zodiac tropes.

Unraveling the Esoteric Strands What should we make of these alleged astrotheological threads woven into Christianity? Do they expose occult source material or merely speculative pattern-seeking?

Regardless of their legitimacy, these esoteric theories help elucidate the Mystery Schools' spiritual cosmology and its subtle imprint on Western culture. Much remains veiled beneath exoteric doctrine.

Piercing Christianity's Zodiacal Veil What secrets hide behind the Bible's astrological allusions and symbolic ciphers? Are we poised to enter a new era of enlightenment, as foretold by the stars?

Humanity has gazed heavenward for answers since time immemorial. But some mysteries are not easily unraveled, obscured beyond the veil of the zodiac.

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