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The War Machine and Destabilization of Countries for Profit

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

A sinister war machine generates immense profits by engineering conflicts, overthrowing governments, and keeping countries in turmoil. This military-industrial complex consists of corporations, banks, and officials profiting from continuous wars fought under false pretenses.

By funding both sides of wars, lending money to rebuild countries they destroy, and offering private military services, this cabal has grown astronomically wealthy. Their operations destabilize sovereign nations, wreak humanitarian disasters, and ensure constant demand for their war profiteering services. It is time to dismantle this corrupt system that puts profits over peace.

Bankrolling Both Sides of Wars The cabal’s banking arms fund all sides of wars simultaneously through central banks in each country. By financing every participant, they control the outcome as well as the reconstruction process afterwards. This ruthless profiteering operation maintains perpetual war, generating massive revenue without consequences. This shape-shifting financial backing empowers corporate oligarchies while oppressing citizens worldwide.

The Rothschild banking dynasty is at the heart of this network and has been orchestrating global wars for centuries. The Rothschild-controlled central banks in England, France, and America financed both sides of World Wars 1 and 2. Every country involved in these wars took on crippling debt payable to the very bankers funding the destruction.

Rebuilding Nations for Profit After decimating nations with war, the cabal approaches them under the guise of saviors. Their corporations secure lucrative reconstruction contracts to rebuild the countries’ infrastructure and economy. Halliburton is one war profiteer that benefited immensely from no-bid contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The bankers offer predatory loans to indebted governments struggling to recover. The fabricated debt crisis then allows the cabal to infiltrate key positions in their ministries of finance. Economic hitmen manipulate countries into privatizing their resources, impoverishing citizens while enriching multinational corporations.

By leveraging debt, control of resources, and military pressure, the war machine essentially conquers countries without firing a shot. They embed themselves like parasites to feed off their host.

Funding Extremists to Destabilize Countries The globalists intentionally destabilize countries by funding radical militia groups to create regime change. The CIA trains and arms extremist groups who generate civil wars, refugee crises, and constitutional collapse within sovereign nations. This breakdown allows external powers to gain control of the region by toppling existing governance. The resulting turmoil also provides cover for organ harvesting and human trafficking networks.

This treasonous scheme was deployed in Afghanistan, where the CIA funded extremist mujahideen fighters and gave them weapons to weaken the moderate Afghan regime. Collapsing governance enabled the CIA to install a puppet government friendly to western oil interests. The resulting upheaval displaced countless families from their homeland while empowering militants that became Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

In the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings, investigations traced the funding of protest groups in Egypt, Libya, and Syria back to front NGOs operated by the U.S. and European globalists. This manufactured dissent acted as a pretext for NATO to bomb the countries into submission for greater control. The subsequent instability led to a refugee exodus and civil war still raging today.

False Flags: Attacks Engineered for Control The cabal has a long history of carrying out false flag attacks on their own citizens as psychological operations designed to demonize their opponents and pass oppressive laws. Declassified CIA documents detail proposed false flag attacks on American cities during Operation Northwoods. Though never carried out, it provides a blueprint for the deceptive tactics government rogue elements will use.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident prompted full-scale US involvement in Vietnam after Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara admitted staging the attacks.

The 1999 Russian apartment bombings were proven to be perpetrated by Russia's FSB security service but blamed on Chechen terrorists to justify an invasion.

False flag attacks strike countries at critical junctures, molding public opinion to align with the war machine’s agenda. The beneficiaries of bombing attacks should always be scrutinized as potential organizers. Characterizing secretive government groups as rogue elements beyond oversight must end. All citizens deserve the truth.

Private Military and Intelligence Contracting Private military contractors like Blackwater and DynCorp provide paid mercenary armies that enable illegal activities overseas. They offer deniability to governments and face no consequences for the violence they inflict. Their employees have been caught running black market arms operations and organ trafficking rings. Yet they continue winning global security contracts because profits supersede morality for their elite benefactors.

The expanding privatized intelligence community also partakes in subversive operations to advance establishment aims. The CIA and Mossad finance 60% of the private software firms that service the US intelligence community. Firms like Google, Microsoft, Verizon, and AT&T provide backdoor access to the NSA in exchange for project funding. Tech oligopolies empower surveillance states while undermining personal privacy. Rogue intelligence groups subverting democracy worldwide must be reined in immediately.

The Steps to Reform This system enriches the few at the expense of the many. Trillions of dollars and countless lives have been lost to senseless profit-driven warfare. Here are four steps to reform this broken paradigm:

  1. Increased transparency and oversight of all defense spending, including classified budgets. No more missing trillions.

  2. Ban defense contractors from donating to political candidates to remove conflicts of interest.

  3. Prosecute war profiteering and racketeering under revised definitions that encompass predatory corporate practices.

  4. Transfer global security operations back to non-privatized government groups bound by stricter rules of engagement. No more private mercenary armies.

It is time to dismantle this corrupt war machine that puts profits over people. Our tax dollars should fund social programs, not perpetual violence overseas. Diplomacy and fair trade offer better solutions towards world peace.

We have the power to stop this system by spreading the truth far and wide. As more people wake up to the cabal’s destructive self-serving behavior, we build momentum to enact justice. Peace becomes inevitable when we inspire our brothers and sisters worldwide to embrace compassion.

The light of truth is spreading, empowering us to create a civilization of harmony and abundance for all. Our shared future will celebrate diversity of belief and culture. Together, we can directly build the world we wish to see by embodying peace within and without.

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