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The Satanic Elite's Abuse of Children and Destruction of Cultures

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

A sinister global network of powerful individuals engage in satanic rituals, pedophilia, human sacrifice, and the destruction of cultures. This cabal of ruling elites operates internationally, predating nations while influencing them through blackmail, bribery, and violence to further their dark agenda.

By examining their belief system, history, methods, and members, we can shed light on these crimes and fight for justice. Caution: This information is extremely unsettling yet crucial to understand.

The Satanic Philosophy At the highest levels, the elites practice a Satanic philosophy. They believe good and evil, pain and pleasure, are meaningless. The strong deserve power while the weak deserve exploitation. This doctrine views unlimited sexual depravity, violence, and manipulation as both acceptable pleasures and rituals to appease their god Satan.

They care only about their personal power, prestige, and pleasure. Human life means nothing. They practice pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, cannibalism, human sacrifice, and blood drinking in their occult rituals. The utter lack of ethical boundaries allows them to control populations through trauma-based mind control. Their belief system is perfectly suited to excuse their criminal lusts.

History of Satanic Cults Satanic groups have covertly influenced societies throughout history through powerful cults operating behind closed doors.

Skull and Bones, an elite Yale secret society, is one such example. Its membership arises from wealthy families who believe in death cult ideology. They use their power to ensure their sons are indoctrinated into the cabal. The influential positions these members later occupy in media, banking, law, and government enable the dark agenda to infiltrate America.

The Nazis were a German secret society that ritualized evil on a large scale. Their occult obsessions fueled their eugenics programs and genocidal bloodlust. Despite losing the war, the satanic philosophy continued through Operation Paperclip where the U.S. imported thousands of Nazi scientists and officers into our government. These satanic operatives then spread their influence in key power centers.

The CIA's Project MK-ULTRA was a mind control program that worked with Nazis and used severe trauma on innocent civilians and prisoners to fracture the psyche and erase memories. The subprojects experimented heavily with Satanic methods, child abuse, and psychedelics to induce psychosis and shattered personalities that were then reprogrammed. Bohemian Grove is an elite cult compound where California politicians, corporate leaders, and media figures meet annually to conduct dark occult rituals, including human sacrifice by fire. The outside world turned a blind eye to these disturbing activities for decades.

Child Abuse Networks The Satanic cabal operates international child trafficking networks to satisfy their pedophilia addiction and harvest blood. High-level members abuse children during occult rituals for magickal potency and entertainment. Child rape and sacrifice terrifies victims and produces adrenochrome in their blood, which the elite ingest as a drug and fountain of youth elixir. The Franklin Scandal involved high-level politicians abusing hundreds of children through an Omaha, Nebraska child prostitution ring. The case spawned documentary Conspiracy of Silence, which mysterious forces suppressed for decades.

Jeffery Epstein operated a disturbing private island where he regularly flew in global elites to engage in pedophilia with underage girls. The lenient treatment Epstein received despite overwhelming evidence exemplified the untouchable power these networks wield. However, public outcry may lead to greater scrutiny of other influential figures involved with Epstein like Bill Clinton.

The Hampstead case detailed how satanic groups in London churches, schools, and government buildings preyed on children in rituals involving dismemberment, cannibalism, and baby sacrifice. The lack of investigation into the children's accounts remains deeply concerning and sad.

Madeline McCann's high-profile disappearance in Portugal exposed the presence of elite child trafficking rings in Europe. While there is still no closure, the likely reality points to a pedophile network abducting her.

Countless accounts from victims of satanic ritual abuse reveal many other disturbing activities worldwide. The cabal operates above the law, using bribery and blackmail to prevent exposure of their crimes. But their evil deeds are being exposed in all countries thanks to the efforts of vigilant investigators and an awakening citizenry.

Subversion of Cultures The global elite intentionally destroy cultures, tradition, art, and history to fragment and control populations. Destroying unique cultures makes people become rootless individual consumers rather than united protectors of their heritage and environment.

The Satanic cabal achieved this goal by radicalizing and weaponizing religions, including Islam. They funded extremist sects and terrorist groups to destabilize entire regions and set them back decades. The dismantling of moderate secular governance allowed fundamentalist puppets and warlords to take over. The resulting refugee crisis leads to further loss of cultural identity as populations flee en masse from their homelands.

This program also furthered the goals of testing experimental weapons, harvesting organs, and trafficking displaced people. The elite carry out depopulation programs under the cover of chaos. However, their attempts to erase traditional cultures have failed. Indigenous consciousness continues strengthening as people reconnect to ancestral wisdom and the earth.

In the 1960s and 70s, the cabal targeted black communities in America through COINTELPRO to disrupt the ascension of black culture and civil liberties. The FBI infiltrated activist groups like the Black Panthers, spreading drugs, propaganda, and assassinating leaders. This sabotage led to collective trauma and loss of momentum. But African-American empowerment continues rising today as truth comes to light.

The Global Awakening Institutions like the Vatican, Hollywood, and Congress hide systemic abuse of women and children within their corrupt power structures. The common denominators are secrecy and enablement from the establishment. However, the facade is crumbling as truth-seekers network to expose evil.

As our awareness expands, we see more of the web of darkness running through so-called “respected” pillars of society. The high profile exposures of figures like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein encouraged more victims to speak out. Public outrage led to concrete legal consequences for once untouchable criminals. This sets precedent for further cases to dismantle elite corruption networks worldwide.

The information war rages each day in the media. Social platforms continue censoring alternative voices who challenge establishment narratives. The disclosure of the elite's horrific crimes may soon outpace their censorship ability. As their sinister history comes to light, the global mass awakening will reach an unstoppable turning point.

This awakening is humanity's spiritual immune response to darkness trying to subvert our world. As more people become empowered by truth, we sentient beings align our civilization closer to just principles of sovereignty, kindness, and harmony with nature. Our choices determine which timeline we manifest for future generations. Despite the repression, people's sacred inner light still shines. United, we bring dark agendas into the open and pave the way for prosecution and healing.

Humanity has untapped divine potential. We are children of God with an indestructible eternal spirit and infinite capabilities waiting to be developed. Our future civilization will celebrate each person's unique gifts and heritage in the context of our unified global family. Each of us plays a role in manifesting this positive world. Ultimate victory for humanity is inevitable through compassion, courage, and faith in our spiritual destiny.

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