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The Monolithic Conspiracy Controlling Our Minds and Destroying Our Planet

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Our minds are under attack. Our planet is being destroyed. Behind the scenes, a ruthless cabal has been controlling humanity and ransacking the earth for profit and power. This monolithic conspiracy aims to dumb down the masses through drugs and propaganda, destroy the environment through ecocide and pollution, and prevent spiritual enlightenment by blocking our connection to nature and higher consciousness.

To understand how this global conspiracy operates, we must follow the money and examine the methods they use to manipulate us. At the top sit the Central Bankers who own the world’s monetary systems. The Rothschild family and their cronies control the central banks in almost every country on earth. By loaning governments money and charging interest, they ensure nations stay in perpetual debt and under their dominion.

The bankers use their incredible wealth to steer economies, fund politicians, and purchase media outlets. This enables them to manipulate entire populations. As the notorious Mayer Amschel Rothschild stated, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws." The bankers also own the petroleum, pharmaceutical, military-industrial, and agricultural mega-corporations. By controlling resources, transportation, medicine, food, and energy production, they dictate how countries run and people live.

This monolithic conspiracy aims to convert all the world's resources into profit, keeping people distracted with materialism while our planet is plundered. As Henry Ford noted, "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." A crucial element of controlling humanity is dumbing down the population with drugs and propaganda so they never realize their predicament.

The globalists accomplish this through their ownership of media, education, science, and entertainment. Only 6 corporations control over 90% of the media consumed by Americans. From these sources, we receive a steady dose of lies, half-truths, distractions, and mind-numbing entertainment.

The propaganda keeps people oblivious to the cabal's activities. As Terence McKenna stated, "If you want to control a population, give them small amounts of drugs and constant media." The conspiracy uses both legal and illegal methods to drug the population. They've made natural mind-expanding plants like cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms illegal, while pushing psychiatric drugs and mind-numbing pharmaceuticals for profit.

Toxic substances like fluoride, aluminum, glyphosate, and radiation permeate our environment. The survivability of natural ecosystems has declined catastrophically. The globalists are willing to destroy the planet through ecocide to maximize their temporary profits. Their most effective tool is fear. The cabal utilizes trauma-based mind control to trigger people's survival instincts and keep them dumbed down in chronic low-level fear. Fear constricts consciousness while love expands it.

The conspiracy deliberately promotes division and hatred between genders, races, nations, religions and political groups to keep humanity fractured and controllable. False flag operations, engineered economic disasters, toxic additives in food/water, and weather modification are used to sow chaos and imbalance. Their motto is “divide and conquer.” But humanity has begun waking up.

The internet enables information to spread instantly, making mainstream propaganda less effective. A critical mass is becoming aware of the cabal's activities and demanding change. The conspiracy is petrified of our spiritual awakening and is using desperate measures to keep us compliant. Their time is almost up.

So how do we restore balance and transcend this death matrix? We must embrace unity consciousness. This means recognizing that we are all emanations of divine universal intelligence, each with a unique perspective that adds to the collective evolution of consciousness. We must empower sovereignty in our lives by questioning authority and thinking critically.

Blind trust in governments, corporations, and the media must end. We as individuals must verify information through facts and discernment. When we awaken spiritually, we realize we are not helpless cogs in a machine, but fractals of infinite consciousness with unlimited potential. Fear is simply an illusion used for control.

Our loving essence can never be destroyed. We must tune into our intuition and tune out the propaganda. By taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions, we break free from mental slavery and align with divine will. Each of us can develop telepathic abilities through practices like meditation and communion with nature.

As more activate their pineal glands, humanity gains a collective sixth sense that perceives beyond physical reality. The hundredth monkey effect will eventually shatter the matrix illusion maintained by the cabal. The conspiracy serves evil and cares only for short-term profits. This parasitic mindset destroys its host.

They have no understanding of the karmic spiritual dynamics underlying existence. To reverse humanity's destructive trajectory, we must develop symbiotic rather than parasitic relationships with each other and nature. By cooperating for the greater good, we tap into unlimited creative potential that benefits all life on earth.

When we transition to cleaner technologies like Tesla’s radiant energy devices, we eliminate our need to burn fossil fuels, create nuclear plants, and ravage the planet. We can generate all the power we need directly from space-time itself. This also neutralizes the globalists’ control of the oil, utility, and nuclear power industries.

High vibrational foods like cannabis, mushrooms, and plant medicines have been used beneficially for millennia to heal, expand consciousness, and commune with nature. Consuming natural psychedelics instead of psychiatric meds empowers our sovereignty from the medical mafia. Ultimately, creating paradise requires embodying higher values like compassion, integrity, and service to others.

The more we practice unconditional love, the weaker the matrix becomes, until it dissolves completely. We are Creator beings with the power to manifest any reality we focus on. The elite have invested so heavily in blunting our spiritual gifts because once we master them, their profiteering empire will crumble overnight. Amazing times lay ahead. The earth is ascending to a new dimension of existence.

Those aligned with darkness and destruction will not make this vibrational leap. The prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors is coming true. People from all races, nationalities, and walks of life are uniting around the light of truth, freedom, and spiritual evolution. We must have faith in our ability to transform this world for the better. The tyranny and destruction of the cabal is ending as prophesied.

Out of the ashes, we are birthing a civilization of justice, compassion, abundance, and divine connection with all life. Our collective efforts will determine how smoothly this transition unfolds. Spreading truth far and wide is key. The more who wake up, the faster we manifest utopia. Victory for humanity and the planet is inevitable through unconditional love.

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