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The Dark History of Modern Medicine: A Cult of Corruption

The Origins of Modern Medicine are Rooted in the Occult

A cadeuceus surrounded by a variety of occult symbols

- Modern medicine has its origins in secret societies like the Rosicrucians and Freemasons

- These groups were influenced by ancient occult beliefs and practices

- The symbols of modern medicine like the serpent on the staff originate from these occult influences

- The goal was to develop medicine and science away from religious oversight

The imagery of the serpent entwined on a staff permeates medicine today, but its roots extend far back in history, intertwined with occult beliefs and practices. The secrets societies that gave rise to modern medicine saw themselves as the inheritors of an ancient esoteric wisdom passed down from the gods.

This occult-tinged origin gave medicine a dual nature - on one hand a science, on the other a form of magic invoked to fight disease. We still see this duality reflected in concepts like "miracle cures" and "magic bullets."

The Medical Industry Suppresses Any Threat to its Power

- Modern medicine has repeatedly suppressed alternative therapies and dissenting voices

- Natural healing systems were smeared and sidelined in favor of synthetic drugs

- Doctors who speak out against mainstream practices face censorship and firing

For over a century, modern medicine has maintained its power by suppressing competition. In the early 1900s, the rising pharmaceutical industry sponsored a report that condemned alternative modalities from acupuncture to herbalism. Natural remedies were cast as inferior to the new synthetic drugs. Dissenting voices within the medical establishment were silenced and shunned.

This suppression continues today. Doctors who question vaccine safety or advocate for alternative COVID treatments face censorship, vilification, and loss of their licenses. The message is clear - toe the line or lose your career.

A square image showing the symbolic suppression of alternative medicine by the medical industry

The industry's tactics reveal its priority - self-preservation over objective science. Potentially life-saving therapies are ignored to protect the status quo.

Corruption and Fraud are Rampant in the Medical-Industrial Complex

- Pharmaceutical companies routinely mislead regulators and the public

- They falsify data, bribe doctors, and suppress negative findings

- The priority is profits over people time and time again

A litany of lawsuits provides a glimpse into the stunning scale of corruption that permeates the pharmaceutical industry. Pfizer alone has paid billions in criminal penalties since 2000 for illegal promotion of drugs, regulatory and safety violations, and foreign bribery practices. Yet fines do little to deter companies when the profits are so massive.

Industry-funded drug trials skew results through cherry picking and statistical manipulation. Negative data are routinely buried to get drugs approved. Doctors are enticed to prescribe new meds through lavish gifts and vacations. Patient safety remains an afterthought.

This pattern of deceit and negligence reveals where the medical industry's true priorities lie - enriching themselves rather than protecting public health. We cannot expect moral leadership from entities driven solely by the profit motive.

Vaccines Follow the Same Story of Suppression and Harm

Circa 2023 AI rendered image of a vaccine injury protest, except the AI is pretty retarded and only does rough and laughable attempts at spelling, just assume its in a foreign language (foreign to everyone)

- Vaccines are a cash cow for pharmaceutical companies

- Injuries and deaths caused by vaccines are hidden from the public

- Questioning vaccine safety leads to censorship and attack

The vaccines that form the foundation of modern public health policy reflect the same troubling trends seen throughout the medical system - secrecy, coercion, and harm denied.

Vaccine injuries and deaths occur far more frequently than acknowledged. Those who draw attention to the risks face the same backlash as other dissenting voices - smears, censorship, and threats to their livelihood. Meanwhile, pharma rakes in billions while facing zero liability for the damage done.

Patient stories of severe vaccine reactions are dismissed as "anecdotes" while studies that contradict the official narrative are ignored. This cycle of suppression enables an unsafe, ineffective system to continue unchallenged.

As with other facets of medicine, constructive change begins with honestly assessing the data and listening to patient experiences free of institutional bias. But transparency and accountability run counter to the financial incentives that steer this system.

Regaining Trust Requires Fundamental Reform

- Local empowerment provides the path to change

- Independent community health systems would reduce centralized control

- Transparency and personal choice must supersede corporate coercion

After examining the track record of corruption and harm, it becomes clear the medical establishment has failed to earn the public's trust. Empty promises of reform ring hollow in the face of such deeply entrenched greed and deception.

Lasting change requires radical transparency and decentralization. Health choices must remain in the hands of individuals, not institutions. Community-based systems provide more accountability. Independent research and diverse voices should be encouraged.

Above all, we must remember that our health is ultimately our own responsibility. While modern medicine offers tools that may be judiciously used, its history warrants caution and skepticism. We each possess the innate wisdom to take charge of our wellbeing. Science must empower, not subjugate.


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