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On the Great Awakening

- Conspyre, site admin

The world is going through unprecedented change, a high velocity shift in consciousness. It can often feel like society is breaking down and chaos is unfolding everywhere. But there is a deeper perspective to understand the turbulence of our times. The world is not getting worse, your eyes are becoming open. With the explosion of the information age, our ability to discern has increased and the veils are being torn away. What is really happening is a Great Awakening of humanity.

For generations people were kept in ignorance about important truths that shaped society. Only select elites had access to knowledge about how the political and economic systems really operated. The masses were intentionally kept distracted and passive, numbed through chemicals and mindless entertainment. The goal was to keep people asleep and easily controlled. But the information control systems have ruptured. Now knowledge flows freely, and people are waking up.

The Bursting Dams of Truth The dams holding back truth are bursting open on many fronts:

  • Independent media proliferates online, exposing corruption and lies of the mainstream narratives. Documentaries reveal hidden agendas. Podcasts tear down false paradigms across every field.

  • Insider whistleblowers from government and corporations speak out, often at great personal risk. Their revelations upend assumptions about reality.

  • Citizen journalists and regular people break major stories through smartphone recordings and social media, scooping the mainstream media. Power rests more in the hands of the people.

  • Open-source, peer-to-peer technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies break monopoly control over finance and communication. Censorship resistance is rising.

  • Freedom of Information Act requests, leaks of classified materials, and hacktivist breaches bring dark secrets into the light. Covert activities get exposed.

These cascading torrents of suppressed information have reached a critical mass. The truth can no longer be stopped as digital awareness accelerates. Piercing the Veils of Separation Another key shift is in perception itself. Tools and practices for expanded consciousness are reaching wider audiences. Meditation, psychedelics, hypnosis, breathwork, and more refine our abilities to perceive subtler dimensions of reality. As higher states of awareness spread, rigid beliefs start dissolving. We see through the illusory walls that divided humanity. Obvious truths become visible:

  • We are all one consciousness looking out through different eyes. Separation is an illusion.

  • Life events shape us, but do not define us. We are not our stories.

  • Each of us is far more powerful than we were conditioned to believe. We hold magic within.

  • Neither authority figures nor experts have all the answers. We must think for ourselves.

  • Mainstream "reality" is a dreamworld fabricated by those in power. Actual reality is far more vast.

These realizations spur a radical reorientation of the human story. External authority loses its grip as inner wisdom grows. Intuitive guidance eclipses programming. This propels the Great Awakening.

Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs As higher states catalyze perceptual shifts, ingrained assumptions come unglued. Society's most limiting core beliefs are being challenged like never before:

On Humans and Nature: Old myths of humanity's separateness from and superiority over nature dissolve. We recognize ourselves as integral threads in the web of life.

On Selfhood: Rigid identification with labels, roles, and stories breaks down. Our wholeness and fluidity emerges from beneath false masks.

On Food: Seeing through the corrupting influences of Big Ag and Big Pharma inspires revolutions in diet and health. The healing power of whole foods and fasting is reclaimed.

On Medicine: The shortcomings of mechanistic approaches prompt exploration of intuition, consciousness, and ancient therapies. Wholistic modalities gain acceptance.

On Energy: Breakthrough energy technologies demonstrate that scarcity mindsets around resources are delusions. Abundance is possible.

On Timelines: Insights into quantum realities reveal the present moment as a nexus of many possible timelines, not a predetermined track. The future remains open.

The Pull Toward Truth This dissolution of limiting views generates confusion and uncertainty at first. But moving through that open space creates bold new visions. Curiosity and discernment grow as we shed old skin.

The unveiling of secrets propels society toward expressing buried truths in new ways:

  • Healing traumas, false divisions, injustices, and inequality

  • Protecting basic rights, freedoms, and privacy against encroachment

  • Championing those left behind by broken systems

  • Building transparency and accountability into institutions

  • Supporting the arts, knowledge, and culture over distraction

  • Moving technology and commerce toward humane ends

  • Restoring wise partnership with the Earth

The Great Awakening heralds a new vision for civilization. But the old world still clings to power. The clash between these energies brings crisis and strife in the transition. We each play a role in determining what gets birthed from this chaos. The future rests in our hands.

The Unstoppable Force of Evolution Seeing clearly that outdated systems no longer serve propels their transformation. Truth cuts through lies, greed, and exploitation. When hidden agendas surface, they lose control. The Great Awakening thus speeds humanity's evolution toward greater awareness, freedom, and creativity.

This awakening force cannot be defeated or undone, only delayed or channeled in distorted ways. Temporary setbacks and detours will occur. But the momentum of expansion is unstoppable. This energetic uplift of consciousness is woven into our universe's purpose. The cracks in old dams are irreparable. The veils cannot be rewoven. There is no returning to sleep. The wave has crashed over us, washing away worn shores. It's exhilarating and frightening and wildly beautiful. We must choose in each moment whether to obstruct this current or let it carry our little ships.

Awakening is not a destination, but an infinite process. We open and open, shedding layers eternally. The Great Awakening of our time is merely prelude. But it lifts the curtain for wonders and terrors ahead. Destiny pulls us forward. Time now opens her arms - the dance awaits!

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