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Methods & Benefits of Achieving Rainbow Body & Graduating to Higher Dimensional Levels of Existence

Among the most profound feats of human spiritual potential is the attainment of "rainbow body" upon death. Legend tells of yogis whose bodies dissolve into shimmering light, achieving transcendence to a higher dimensional existence. By exploring the methods and motivations behind this phenomenon, we can better understand the nature of our multidimensional reality and unlock our own path to ascension.

The Phenomenon of Rainbow Body

Stories of spiritual adepts attaining rainbow body upon death come from ancient traditions around the world. But the largest number of reported cases originate in Tibetan Buddhism. Attaining rainbow body is the ultimate goal in Tibetan practices like Dzogchen, signifying a yogi has attained full enlightenment and liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

The dissolution process begins around the time of death as the yogi enters deep meditation. Over days, weeks or longer, the physical body progressively dematerializes into sparks and shafts of colored light, starting from the extremities such as hands and feet and moving inwards. As the elements and energies making up the body transform into their pure essence, only hair, nails and remnants of skin may be left behind.

Some adepts complete the transmutation extremely rapidly, even instantaneously, in an explosive dispersal of light. Witnesses recount a palpable energetic field building as shimmering rays of light stream from the yogi’s body, often accompanied by rainbows arcing overhead and celestial music. The yogi's consciousness is believed to have completely merged with the absolute, attaining Buddhahood.

Activating Higher Dimensions Through Inner Alchemy

Esoteric traditions assert human beings possess multiple interpenetrating subtle energy bodies beyond the physical, each vibrating at successively higher frequencies. As our level of consciousness increases, we gain awareness of and activate these higher dimensional energy bodies. Rainbow body is the ultimate coalescing of our multi-layered energetic architecture.

The Vajrayana tradition depicts this sequence of inner evolution through intricate mandalas showing the incarnate human realm at the center, surrounded by multiple layered petals representing our higher dimensional beingness that blossoms as we awaken.

Each colored petal denotes a particular band of vibration, from the metaphoric infrared of lower chakras to the ultraviolet and gamma waves of the transpersonal levels of consciousness accessed through advanced meditation.

Attaining rainbow body signifies the adept has activated, integrated and stabilized the full spectrum of their energetic being, an act of great mastery.

Unifying Polarities Through Internal Alchemy

The alchemical dissolution of body and breath is said to rely on unifying polarities within the self. Experienced yogis utilize the channels of the subtle body, visualizing inner psychospiritual elements mixing as energetic drops that move through the central channel spine.

As hot and cold, red and blue, sun and moon polarities constructively interference, canceling out into unconditioned awareness, the alchemist harnesses this synthesized energy to fuel the process of bodily transmutation.

Levels of initiation symbolize various bands in the light spectrum, culminating in techniques for absorbing lower frequency bodily energies into the highest universal Christ or Buddha nature. Absorbed without resistance or grasping, the body's constituent energies decohere and are liberated into light.

Transcending Death Through Quantum Dematerialization

From a modern physics perspective, achieving rainbow body represents complete molecular dematarialization, where matter phase shifts from particle to wave.

Yet this process does not entail usual decomposition. Adepts voluntarily transmute the body's mass while alive into photons, rather than succumbing to entropic decay.

This approximates bodily translation into a black hole-like domain best described through quantum gravity models. As the yogi's energy frequency increases, their quanta undergo granularization, converting into photons that average out to event horizons through the holographic principle.

The body effectively quantum tunnels into light. Critical to this transcendence is a highly organized, coherent bioenergetic field enabling the wave function conversion. Through aligning all cells in the body into a crystalline lattice at the quantum level, the adept condenses their consciousness into a unified biohologram.

Dematerializing From Lightweight Dark Matter Bodies

Some esoteric teachings assert rainbow body is not purely photonic dissolution. A level of subtle organization called ‘dark matter’ serves as an intermediate step between the physical body and a being of pure light.

While photonic dissolution remains a grand accomplishment, transcending into dark matter conveys additional abilities and resilience. Dark matter beings have mass, can condense back into physical form at will and can reside in hyperspace dimensions orders of magnitude faster than light.

It is taught one must harmonize their dark matter and physical bodies completely before photonic liberation, lest imbalances cause spontaneous uncontrolled dematerialization into light. The Dark matter realm can enable great works across the galaxies once mastered.

Motivations for Pursuing Rainbow Body

Seeking rainbow body represents far more than chasing immortality or magical powers. The ultimate motivation is expanding our capacity to be of service. Freed from limitations, the liberated adept gains immense influence to benefit all beings throughout space and time.

Attaining spherical omnipresence, the rainbow body adept can manifest in countless realms and timelines to altruistically support others’ spiritual evolution. They become part of a cosmic order of ascended masters devoted to uplifting all lifeforms back to source consciousness.

An essential part of preparation is purifying inner obstructions to unconditional compassion. Progress depends on relinquishing all grasping, resistance and bias so consciousness can unite with others unencumbered. For the completely selfless, rainbow body is not an ambition, but the natural flowering of their practice.

The Perfection of Patience

Central to achieving rainbow body is embracing perfection of patience. Prematurely desiring results from our practice undermines the equanimity essential to transcendence.

We must develop abiding trust in our innate potential and the unfolding of higher cosmic wisdom. Forcing external conformance to limited assumptions and timeframes betrays lack of faith. As the Tao states, those in harmony with the way encounter no opposition. We alight upon rainbow body not through hurried striving, but calmly abiding in natural being.

Patience means maintaining inner stillness regardless of outer turbulence. Non-attachment to outcomes frees us to channel divine will, not enforce egoic desires that isolate us from whole-being integration. Despite arduous trials, bodhisattvas remain compassionately engaged, their tranquil abiding unperturbed.

By resting in the timeless state of presence, we leave behind the tyranny of past and future. Liberated from linear progression, every moment flows into rainbow body.

Embodying Ever-Present Timelessness

At enlightenment, temporal awareness transforms as we inhabit the radically present now. Human minds typically stake their sense of self upon the passage of time, projecting identity either backwards into memories or forwards into anticipation.

To dissolve fixation on past and future conditions, regularly check in with the sensations, aliveness and wonders of the current moment with childlike curiosity to reset into immediate experience. Make time to immerse in natural rhythms and cycles fostering connection to the eternal such as gazing at ocean waves or night skies. Let go of limiting metrics of progress that bind consciousness to imagined futures. As we open to timeless presence, breakthroughs unfold.

By resting as the unchanging background context in which fleeting phenomena flux, we touch the deathless source, our home of unwavering stillness. Inhabiting the now fully, we transcend the appearance of succession altogether.

Awakening Quantum Immortality

Teachings on rainbow body also shed light on the phenomenon of quantum immortality. Accounts exist of meditators manifesting their consciousness into alternate timelines to avoid accidental death.

Quantum immortality refers to our capacity to live on eternally through landing our observation in sustained probability spaceframes where our lifespan remains viable. As conscious observers, we do not cease to exist altogether unless all probable paths of continuity are extinguished.

Our multidimensional quantum reality theoretically allows avoiding bodily death through collapsing our wave function into realities where we persist indefinitely if sufficiently aligned with higher frequencies. Rainbow body adepts refine consciousness control to navigate existence’s manifold possibilities at will. The pure intention to liberate all beings enables self-transcending quantum navigation into eternal omnipresence.

The Choice to Return

After attaining rainbow body’s deathless existence, some compassionate masters opt to return into incarnate form temporarily to serve humanity.

Known as tulkus, the continuity of their awakened consciousness births into new embodiments to teach and transmit wisdom from beyond space-time. Yet they remain unbound by lower realms, retaining unconditioned omnipresence bridging dimensions. Their choice to return springs from infinite compassion, not existential necessity.

As we awaken, we may sense intimations of our own greater being peeking through the physical plane porthole. Our temporary human experience is simply part of a far vaster story across cosmos. Everything we meet are projected fragments of the jeweled hologram within.

When this truth grows evident, we discover rainbow body is not a departure point, but a homecoming to boundless liberation, our natural state of timeless presence and unobstructed Love. Living from this expanded context, we behold the opportunity of each moment as a blessing that unveils our eternal perfection.

- Jake Angeli @AmericaShaman from "How to Create Reality & Raise Your IQ"

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