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Las Vegas Casinos and Hotels – Monuments to Mass Indoctrination

- adapted from William Cooper's Luxor Mystery School lecture

Beyond the glitz and glamour, a darker agenda may be at play in the themed casino hotels of the Vegas strip. An examination of the architecture, symbols and activities promoted at resorts like Luxor and Excalibur reveals how these lavish monuments could serve to manipulate public perception and behavior.

The city of Las Vegas is known for excess. With opulent hotels, endless buffets, and raucous nightlife, it’s a playground for adult pleasures. However, behind the Bacchanalian mask lies an insidious attempt to indoctrinate the masses through psychological manipulation.

The Grand Architects of Mass Persuasion The masterminds behind Vegas’ themed hotels clearly understood human psychology. Patrons are immersed in an experience designed to overload the senses, relaxing critical thinking. In this state of cognitive ease, suggestion becomes effective.

This approach is exemplified in the Luxor hotel. Its imposing black glass pyramid overwhelms the mind, inspiring awe and mystery. The Egyptian symbolism hints at ancient secrets, beckoning one to enter the inner sanctum. Surrounded by ancient gods and temple rites, the rational defenses erode.

Other Vegas resorts employ similar tactics. Excalibur’s Medieval theme transports guests into a realm of knights and wizards, where the logical constraints of the modern world no longer apply. Circus Circus harkens back to the Roman circus, distracting and entertaining the masses through spectacle. The sensory overload makes one receptive to embedded cues.

Subliminal Messaging in Plain Sight In addition to thematic immersion, the resorts use more direct means of persuasion. Take the Luxor’s Sphinx, which reinforces the idea that humans are merely animals, not divine beings. The obelisks evoke phallic worship, a concept linked to subservience and control. Statues of pagan gods normalize idolatry and polytheism.

The symbolism extends into the Luxor’s attractions, which seduce guests to join the “quest” for transformation and the “New Age” through initiation rituals. The exhibits urge that “now is the time” for action and change. These subliminal messages bypass rational filters, planting suggestions deep in the subconscious mind.

Conditioning Rituals of Submission On a more insidious level, the activities within the Luxor manipulate guests into performing tiny rituals of submission. Patrons must hold their event tickets in their right hand and pass them under a scanner. At first, this scanning process seems harmless. But through repetition, it conditions people to accept submitting biometric data to access basic activities.

Similarly, the maze-like layouts of the hotel pyramids force guests into disorientation and dependency. The architecture directs foot traffic through gambling areas and shops, maximizing impulse spending. Every detail subtly influences behavior in the interests of the house.

The Price of Illusion The tragic irony is that while guests feel liberated within the illusion of these fantasy worlds, they are actually confined within invisible systems of thought control. Their perception is narrowed through selective stimuli, and their behavior programmed through predictive patterns.

Yet most remain blissfully unaware of the manipulation. The splendor and sensuality of these ersatz environments keep the masses placated and compliant. Only by scrutinizing the methods of mass persuasion embodied in the architecture, symbols, and rituals of Las Vegas’ themed resorts can one transcend to true freedom of thought beyond the illusory dream world.

The choice is yours – swallow the fantasy or wake to reality?

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