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Following the Path to Initiation at Luxor Las Vegas

- adapted from William Cooper's Luxor Mystery School lecture

Journey through the shadowy underworld beneath the glowing pyramid, where the mysteries of Ancient Egypt await. A firsthand account of the symbolism, mythology and initiation rites experienced in the rides and attractions of Luxor Las Vegas reveals how this temple complex induces occult transformation.

Interior of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas showcasing iconic Egyptian architecture with grand columns and hieroglyph-covered walls. Statues and artifacts reminiscent of ancient Egypt are prominently displayed. To the side, a bell desk and freestanding posts with rope curtains guide guests, blending modern hotel elements with the ancient-themed decor. Ambient lighting enhances the dramatic and mysterious atmosphere.

Entering the Sphinx's Domain Passing the silent Sphinx, one descends into the Luxor pyramid as if entering a tomb. Hieroglyphs cover the stone walls and statues of jackal-headed Anubis stand guard. The walkways curve deeper underground, evoking a sense of leaving the mortal world. Murals depict ancient gods and pharaohs alongside scantily-clad women in seductive poses.

At the doorway to the attraction, attendants inspect digital tickets. "Right hand only, please" they insist, training patrons in submission. The ritual of scanning prepares visitors for transformative experiences through symbolic death and rebirth.

Ritual Part 1 - The Sarcophagus Lab In a dark antechamber, the first ritual begins. Guests enter sarcophagi which lock shut. A trumpet blast signals the start of a disorienting journey sliding backward down a spiral ramp into the depths. Emerging from our coffins, we have symbolically died and descended to the Egyptian underworld.

Anubis leads us through Duat, the realm of the dead. Ghosts fly overhead. Scarab beetles crawl along the walls. The pagan god Thoth intones, "All that awaits must abandon reason and enter with an open mind." His words echo, disembodied, through the chambers.

We pass murals of rituals showing body parts in jars and occult symbols. A jackal sentinel guards mummified remains and ancient secrets. Without logic, the occult myths and imagery begin reshaping our unconscious minds.

Ritual Part 2 - Passage Into the Future Thoth tells us we are about to meet the transformative power of the gods. We board boats and drift down the River of Time, surrounded by swirling stars. We have crossed into eternity, unbounded by life and death.

Our voyage complete, we enter the Hall of Judgment and stand before Osiris. He weighs our hearts on a scale before we can proceed. Apparently we all pass, as we move onward through the doorway into...

Ritual Part 3 - The Revelation Chamber Here we behold the Revelation. A towering goddess animatronic, crowned with a golden cobra, rises from the smoky depths. Her name is Isis and she holds a crystal obelisk - the key to earth's future and mankind's destiny.

Isis proclaims, "I hold supreme knowledge and magic. My light shall uplift humanity through the coming transformation." Beams illuminate the obelisk and refract through the chamber. We are bathed in the crystal's glow, unwitting conduits for its energies.

The ritual ends with a final blessing from the gods. We have passed through liminal spaces, witnessed occult prophecies. Though the journey was illusion, its effect on our subconscious is real. We have glimpsed - and been initiated into - the elite's grand designs of apotheosis.

Integrating the Journey Emerging, one feels disoriented by the brightness of the casino. Had hours passed or mere minutes? The myths and magick seem more real than the ding ding slots.

Over 40 million have experienced these rites over the decades. If the Luxor were a church, it would be the second largest congregation on Earth after Catholicism. Its initiation draws greater numbers than Scientology or Mormonism.

Yet it is easy to dismiss as kitschy entertainment. The ride's narrative implants esoteric concepts while circumventing skepticism. Its seeds gestate subtly, unquestioned.

But the impact is undeniable. Something shifted in us, however subtly. Our defenses lowered, our minds opened, symbols impressed upon our soft unconscious clay. The rituals serve their secret purpose, transforming participants in alignment with occult aims.

The Choice is Yours Upon leaving we retain that sense of unreality, of liminality. Were we truly initiated into lost Egyptian mysteries - or merely subjected to clever illusions? The ultimate interpretations are ours.

But simply recognizing that these spectacles can reprogram our innermost thoughts is itself a protective spell. Their magick loses potency when their methods are revealed. What meanings we apply and integrate is the individual choice of the initiate. The real initiation is whether we allow their obelisk to reshape our minds - or think critically and stay sovereign.

The power is ours. Use it wisely.

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