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"Exposed: Maria Zack & Italian Intel Unveil Rigged US Election Saga - Navigating the Intricate Web

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

In a recent court session, Maria Zack, a representative from Nations in Action, unveiled a startling presentation focused on election integrity. Devoted to principles of transparent government, transformative politicians, trustworthy parties, and truthful media, Nations in Action has been at the forefront of exposing potential threats to democratic processes. The court heard testimony regarding information received by the Italian Secret Service through Torres-Girlfriend, whose familial ties to Italian Intelligence sparked a revelation. The court learned that Torres, considering Maria Zack as family, overheard concerns from her uncle within the Intelligence Services. The uncle expressed bewilderment over the alleged theft of America's election. The subsequent investigation led by Leonardo revealed a shocking confession.

"Global Alarms and International Intrigue: Unveiling the Shadows of a Potential Coup – Italian Intelligence's Urgent Warning and the Worldwide Ripple Effect."

On November 18th, the Italian Intelligence Services contacted Nations in Action, alerting them to a potential coup d'etat unfolding in the United States. Fearful of engaging with external entities, the intelligence services shared ominous details about the situation. Two affidavits, delivered to Congress by concerned Italian citizens, shed light on the urgency of the matter. Intelligence agencies worldwide had been attempting to reach out, witnessing their own countries succumbing to corruption, foreign interference, and fraudulent activities. The court session delved into the global ramifications, with nations falling prey to political buyouts and fraudulent maneuvers aimed at seizing control. The revelations underscored the interconnectedness of nations grappling with the infiltration of corruption, notably involving China, into their political landscapes. As the court proceedings unfold, the world watches with bated breath to understand the extent of these allegations and their potential imp


act on global democracies.

In a riveting courtroom revelation, the stage is set for a shocking audio tape that promises to send tremors across America. The speaker, a seasoned individual with proven credentials in government affairs, unveils a tale that transcends state boundaries. Choosing Kansas as the backdrop, the speaker argues that despite being a pro-Trump victor of electors, the real results of the election remain unknown. The narrative takes an international twist as details emerge about Leonardo, a defense contracting firm in Italy, and its alleged involvement in manipulating election results.

The courtroom is left in suspense as the speaker discloses peculiar occurrences witnessed by Italian Intelligence Services at the U.S. embassy in Rome. Individuals arriving from Frankfurt, reportedly collaborating with Leonardo, are implicated in a calculated effort to alter the U.S. election outcomes. The gravity of the situation intensifies when the speaker claims similar manipulations in 47 to 52 presidential elections globally.

"Inside the Courtroom Drama: Unveiling a CIA and State Department Revelation - The Christmas Eve Letter, Artura Delia's Rescue Mission, and the Suspenseful Build-Up to Larry Johnson's Shocking Audio Recording."

The crescendo builds as the speaker introduces an audio recording from a CIA and State Department member, Larry Johnson. The audience is brought to the edge of their seats as the speaker recounts delivering a letter to Donald Trump on Christmas Eve, exposing election theft details. The objective: rescuing Artura Delia from a satellite center, a potential key witness willing to testify. As the courtroom braces for impact, the shocking voice recording by Larry Johnson is about to be unveiled, shedding light on a web of intrigue and alleged international election manipulation.


In a jaw-dropping courtroom moment, an audio recording featuring Larry Johnson takes center stage. The transcript reveals a desperate plea for assistance, highlighting a critical situation involving a missing lawyer. Larry urgently seeks help to connect with the lawyer, who vanished after their conversation the previous day. The gravity of the situation unfolds as plans to retrieve an incarcerated individual, Artura Delia, are detailed. A national security team stands ready in Italy, prepared to extradite and safely bring Delia back to the United States.

Larry reassures that the necessary arrangements for an airplane and witness protection are in place. The shocking revelation includes a direct plea for assistance, emphasizing the covert nature of the operation. The transcript underscores the high-stakes scenario, with the United States government allegedly involved in a mission to rescue Artura Delia. As the audio plays in court, the audience is left on the edge of their seats, grappling with the intense reality faced by those risking their lives to reveal the truth about the alleged election interference.

"Unveiling the Truth: A Call to Action for Election Integrity"

As the courtroom echoes with the resonating audio, the shocking transcript leaves a lingering question: what proof exists to support these claims? The answer, delivered with conviction, urges immediate action from law enforcement at local, state, and federal levels. The call is clear: investigate Larry Johnson and his activities during this pivotal event.

The revelations reach their zenith as the speaker exposes the disparity between the thousands of affidavits filed and the alarming absence of arrests—zero. The court is left to grapple with the magnitude of the information presented, raising critical questions about the integrity of the electoral process. The urgency for a thorough investigation and accountability is underscored, emphasizing the imperative of preserving the democratic foundation of the nation.

In the aftermath of startling revelations, the intricate web of election manipulation, international collusion, and the threat to global political stability begins to unravel. The evidence presented paints a stark picture of foreign interference, covert operations, and the fragility of political landscapes worldwide. As citizens grapple with the unsettling truth, a pressing call to action emerges: collaboration between government agencies, irrespective of party lines, to investigate, safeguard election integrity, and restore trust in the electoral process. The time for scrutiny, accountability, and defending the foundations of the political system is now.

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