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Are Acapulco and Lahaina the Latest Victims of UN Agenda 2030?

A dark pattern emerges. In a matter of months, two sunny tourist destinations wrecked by "natural" disasters. Acapulco by a freak hurricane, Lahaina by directed energy weapon (DEW) fires. On the surface, unfortunate coincidences. But digging deeper reveals striking similarities suggesting coordinated destruction to enable UN Agenda 2030 redevelopment.

Acapulco - Ruined by Hurricane, Primed for Redevelopment

A hotel in Acapulco, wiped out by Hurricane Roslyn

Acapulco, a once iconic resort city, has been left in shambles. On October 23rd, Hurricane Roslyn made landfall as a Category 5 after rapidly strengthening over the Pacific. This storm formed an eye in just 3 hours - an extremely rare event pointing to abnormal environmental conditions.

Roslyn brought widespread destruction - damaging roads, power lines, and water systems. The busy beach strip was decimated. Hotels faced significant damage, with estimated repairs in the millions. Entertainment venues and restaurants were flooded and wrecked.

In the aftermath, residents are reeling without basic services, while the government appears more focused on flashy redevelopment plans than restoring functioning infrastructure. The city is ripe for UN contractors to swoop in with their blueprints for a futuristic "smart city."

Lahaina - Up In Flames, Flags Raised Before Disaster Struck

Lahaini, HI, burning

Just weeks before Acapulco, the quaint Hawaiian town of Lahaina was the site of destructive DEW fires on October 14th. As locals describe, the damage "looks like a straight laser from the heavens." Rows of palm trees neatly sliced in half. Jagged holes in hillsides with perfect circumference. Melted metal and glass flowing through the streets.

Beyond the obvious DEW signatures, numerous red flags surround this event:

  • Emergency protocols enacted weeks prior granting the governor expanded powers over land use and rezoning.

  • Officials out of town when disaster struck. The Maui police chief has since resigned over "health concerns" amid outcry.

  • Illegal evictions and land grabs commenced rapidly after fires cleared the area.

  • Internet access severely restricted, journalists blocked from 12-mile-wide impact zone. Controlling the narrative.

  • $75 million housing development proposed in January for the exact land now cleared by fire.

The stage was clearly set beforehand for seizing this area for strategic redevelopment projects.

UN Agenda 2030 - A Trojan Horse?

Image of the digital/physical surveillance state, an avatar of a man behind a padlock watched by security cameras and drones

At face value, the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development sounds noble. Its 17 lofty goals span protecting the planet to ending poverty. But the policies enabling these goals reveal a more sinister side.

Key features of the 2030 Agenda include:

  • Mass migration from rural to urban areas. Consolidating people into restrictive megacities.

  • Pervasive surveillance under the banner of "sustainability" - tracking energy usage, transportation, even waste.

  • Severely limited mobility in the name of reducing carbon emissions. Private cars replaced by public transit.

  • Urban areas transformed into "15 minute cities" - everything needed is within a 15 minute walk/public transit ride.

These types of oppressive, micromanaged smart cities are now popping up worldwide from Asia to Africa to Latin America - enabled by catastrophic events clearing space for redevelopment.

The Pattern Crystallizes

Orbital satellite hitting a burning coastal town with a harsh green laser, much fire and devastation in the wake

With Acapulco and Lahaina, the pattern becomes impossible to ignore. Idyllic tourist locales suddenly destroyed by massive hurricanes and DEW fires. Lands long owned by residents seized via dubious protocols enacted beforehand. Neighborhoods flattened just as blueprints for futuristic cities emerge.

Until the 2030 Agenda's true fruits are revealed, we must ask - are these disasters truly "natural", or something more sinister? Do the ends justify the means? The coincidences keep mounting, and with them, more questions than answers.

We must stay vigilant as the land grab accelerates under the seductive promise of utopia. For Acapulco and Lahaina may be just the beginning. No place is safe from the 2030 Agenda's ruthless path towards centralized technocratic control. The facade of benevolence is slipping.



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