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Vampire Hunter ep. 1

In "Vampire Hunters" Ep 1, the host unveils Pizzagate, linking it to Balenciaga's scandalous ad campaigns. Featuring disturbing imagery from elites and connections to Comet Ping Pong and Rachel Chandler, it exposes a web of child exploitation and Satanism linked to powerful figures.

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Vampire Hunter ep. 2

Ep 2 of Vampire Hunters dives into the dark world of Marina Abramović, Hunter Biden's alleged trafficking links, mysterious events in Ohio, and the fight against deep state in politics. It ends on a hopeful note, discussing legal actions against pedophiles and celebrity shifts towards positivity.

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Vampire Hunter ep. 3

Episode 3 of "Vampire Hunters" with Liz Crokin covers fake news in media, Epstein’s blackmail operation, Clinton's controversial role in Ukraine, the vilification of Putin, and Britney Spears' conservatorship. Crokin delves into conspiracy theories and media manipulation.

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Vampire Hunter ep. 4

In Episode 4, Liz Crokin dives into the Epstein saga, scrutinizes elites linked to him, explores Jussie Smollett's case and its implications, questions Britney Spears' freedom, discusses body doubles in politics, and exposes alleged government-sponsored child trafficking with whistleblower insights.

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Vampire Hunter ep. 5

Episode 5 of "Vampire Hunters" features Liz Crokin and guest Mike Lindell discussing "Pizza Gate," election integrity, and Lindell's challenges with media and financial institutions. Lindell shares his journey from addiction to activism, reflecting on the current political landscape.

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Vampire Hunter ep. 6

Episode 6 of "Vampire Hunters" dives into the mysterious death of Matthew Perry, linking it to elite pedophile rings. Liz Crokin explores Rachel Chandler's connections to Jeffrey Epstein, examining her disturbing social media posts. She discusses Julian Assange's role in exposing these networks, the complicity of media and celebrities, and encourages public awareness and action against these hidden crimes.

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Vampire Hunter ep. 7

"Vampire Hunters with Liz Crokin" Episode 7 delves into financial security through precious metals, exposes corruption linked to Epstein, discusses a high-end brothel tied to Chinese espionage, and reveals CIA involvement in sexual abuse. Liz urges awareness and action against elite exploitation.

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Vampire Hunter ep. 8

In Episode 8, Liz Crokin exposes alleged media complicity in covering up 'Pizzagate,' focusing on Slate Summer's arrest for child pornography and The Recount's role in downplaying the controversy. She links Media Matters and Comet Ping Pong to a broader conspiracy, urging listeners to recognize and confront these hidden truths.

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