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Cult of the Medics 1

The Hidden History of Modern Medicine

Cult of the Medics 1

Chapter 1: Origins of Secret Societies

We open with dramatic music and footage of ancient ruins, pyramids, and temples around the world as the narrator talks about the origins of secret societies, mentioning groups like the Knights Templar, Freemasons, Illuminati, etc. 

Mmany of these groups trace their origins back to the ancient mystery schools and esoteric traditions that existed in societies like Egypt, Greece, India, and China. We see ancient occult imagery and archival drawings of rituals and initiation rites.

These groups operated in secrecy, guarding ancient knowledge about math, architecture, spirituality and more that they did not want falling into the wrong hands.

Chapter 2: The Middle Ages 

The scene transitions to medieval Europe. The narrator talks about the rise of groups like the Knights Templar during the Crusades. They blended secret esoteric knowledge with the traditions of military orders.

We learn how the Templars used compartmentalization so most members only knew their part of the larger mission. This made the order more secure but also more mysterious. The narrator hints at legends about their excavations under Solomon's Temple.

Chapter 3: Freemasons and the New World 

As we move into the Renaissance, the narrator describes the rise of Freemasonry. We see archival images of Masonic lodges and temples being built while the narrator talks about early American leaders like George Washington being drawn to their secret knowledge.

The narrator explains Freemasonry's role in the founding of America. We see symbols like the all-seeing eye on the dollar bill as the narrator describes the influence of Secret Societies on the new republic.

Chapter 4: The Modern Era

The scene shifts to the modern world. Here the narrator suggests many secret groups still operate behind the scenes. We see footage of groups like Skull and Bones, and significant political and business leaders who are members. 

The narrator ends on a dramatic note, asking if these groups still guard ancient knowledge and influence world events secretly. How much power and influence do they still hold? He suggests there may even be an interconnected global network coordinating in the shadows for influence and control.

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