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Truthtide Affiliate Program

Program Overview

  • Truthtide pays affiliates 10% commission on sales they refer to our online merchandise store.

  • Affiliates can also use a 10% off coupon code for their own purchases.

  • Merchandise is printed on demand and generally can't be returned, except for defects within 30 days with proof.


Affiliate Application and Acceptance

  • Affiliates apply to join the program. We may reject applications if the affiliate's website doesn't meet our guidelines.

  • If accepted, affiliates get special links and codes to promote our products.


Tracking Sales and Paying Commissions

  • We track sales made using an affiliate's links/codes and pay them 10% of the net sale amount.

  • Payments are sent around 60 days after the month once unpaid commissions exceed $100.


Policies and Content

  • Affiliates can't make claims about our products/business beyond what's on our website.

  • Special links/codes can only be placed on appropriate websites per our rules.


Changes and Termination

  • We or the affiliate can terminate participation at any time.

  • We may modify terms by posting changes here. Continuing in the program after changes constitutes acceptance.

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